Dorothy Forestal

  • Dorothy Forestal

    Real Estate Agent
    Miami native, Dorothy Forestal has always had an ambitious and
    entrepreneurial spirit since the age of 14. Over the years she has
    acquired a number of professional licenses, which includes Mortgage
    Broker, Life & Health License, Cosmetologist, as well as pursuing a
    degree in Business Finance.

    It may seem like a huge load to others, but Dorothy has actively
    worked in all the fields of her respective licenses to date. Dorothy
    has been successful in integrating all of her skills and experiences
    in these different fields, giving her over 25 years of customer
    service expertise, building lasting relationships with her clients,
    and has been looked at as the "go to person" when they are in need of
    a specific service.

    Real estate has always been a part of her life, following in her
    parents footsteps, who were active landlords and owned a number of
    income producing properties. Dorothy takes pride in being a solution
    based Realtor to her clients. She is a go getter and always implements
    the "nothing is impossible" mindset to the people she serves.
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