Glynn Gomez Nelson

  • Glynn Gomez Nelson

    Real Estate Agent
    Glynn Gomez Nelson, was born and raised in Miami, Fl (Perrine). He completed grade school at Homestead High and continued his education in Memphis TN. Glynn first learned about real estate while he was employed at Ford Motor Company. He encountered a man who asked him about purchasing some land in Orlando. He was not ready at the time, but he remembered the conversation. He stayed focused on the part about owning land and how its value is forever increasing. Then, after watching his mother's bad experience with their home, he decided to learn about real estate law. His mom lost her home by signing a document that was suppose to lend her the equity, but instead she was actually signing her home away. From that day forward Glynn knew he would not be the Realtor who would steal or mislead anyone in any way. Glynn's last thought is profit, he is passionate about seeing a family turning the doorknob to their new life. He is proud to always feel he has fought for the best deal for his clients.
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