Shelly-Ann Welch

  • Shelly-Ann Welch

    Real Estate Agent
    Shelly-Ann pursued her real estate license really as an educational point, but soon realized she could actually help other clients invest in real estate. Apart from licensing, Shelly-Ann has also taken many other courses on real estate investment in both commercial and residential. Shelly-Ann is Licensed as a Broker-Associate here in the State of Florida. She recently decided to partner with Elite Realty Partners to continue her mission which is to educate by impacting and making a difference right here in her own community one home at a time.

    After migrating from Jamaica to America at the age of 4, she learned from an early age that the world was bigger than just an Island and there were endless opportunities out there and it’s up to you to go get it. So, it was no surprise that she would leave high school and go straight to college 8 hours away from Miami where she grew up. As a graduate from Florida A & M University with a study in Agricultural Science, Shelly-Ann has always demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout her career. She was never afraid to seek out opportunity no matter how near or far.

    Three years ago, Shelly-Ann decided that pursuing a long-term career in real estate was her mission and purpose, so she knew that her education and training would be continuous throughout this dynamic real estate industry. She had made it her goal to honor her late mother who was here biggest supporter and the reason she continues to change lives and influence others. Shelly-Ann focuses on finding solutions in real estate one home at a time. She specializes in the areas in real estate that are less desired. She prides herself in educating distressed homeowners with their options whether it’s a loan modification, short-sale, or simply listing and selling their home. She works closely with Attorneys, she monitors court dockets and public records to ensure the most accuracy with homeowners when selling their home, she also is proficient at negotiating with banks and other professionals in her line of work. She also works with new home buyers and renters.

    Buying, selling and investing in a home is one of the most important things you will ever do, and Shelly-Ann wants to help make that experience as smooth and successful as possible by providing “Elite” service always. When I say service, I mean always staying ahead of the curve and knowing what my clients need before they need it. I don’t want to be a firefighter; I want to prevent the fires in the first place.

    ‘Experience Excellence’

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