Precious Smith

  • Precious Smith

    Real Estate Agent
    Precious Smith is a motivated, poised woman who values relationships, and helping people. Working in healthcare for well over 10 years, Precious is known for the genuine love and care that she exemplifies on a continuous basis. Always having an eye for real estate and interior/exterior decor, Precious decided to channel her interest in assisting people build legacy. She is determined to assist her client achieve what they thought was impossible to the very possible. She is dedicated to the process of assisting people find and sell their homes. Equipped with stellar professionalism, dynamic charisma and a smile that lights up any room are just a few attributes that she possesses.

    Precious has partnered with like-minded individuals at Elite Realty Partners that share her vision. She provides Elite service to each client. Precious' motto, "Turning moments into memories, one client at a time." Her motto reflects her vision of exceeding the expectation of each client, while they enjoy their real estate journey. Whether it's leasing, buying, selling or investing, Precious wants to assure the outcome will add a smile to each client's family album.

    Precious Smith is a dedicated mother of two and enjoys quality family time. She is an entrepreneur, and graduate of Keiser University. Precious is a well-rounded Realtor that provides the best opportunities for her family. Keeping God first and family second, Precious knows with faith and continued work, all things are possible. Romans 8:28.